Bee Nuc Deposit

$50.00 each


Put Deposit Down Now for Spring 2024 Season - Pickup March 2024

A "NUC" is a common name in beekeeping which is short for the word NUCLEUS. The NUC is an established honeybee colony which has taken it about 6-8 weeks of work and is now ready for growth during a strong spring nectar flow. Most of the frames are new however are becoming established and It will be necessary to transfer the Nuc hive into into a larger 8 or 10 frame hive in the coming days so please plan your equipment needs accordingly. Each NUC will come in a long lasting corrugated box (that can be used for years to come for splits or to catch swarms) your nuc will have a new laying Queen and the majority of the bees will be from her offspring.

Nuc orders need to be made in advance so that you ensure reserving the quantities you need!

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