2oz Beewax Lotion bars

$10.00 each


This beeswax based lotion bar is the ideal way to keep natural, skin nourishing lotion with you wherever you go without the hassle or mess of liquid lotions.

The gentle warmth of your hands will quickly turn a layer of this solid stick bar into a silky-smooth lotion, Beeswax based lotion sticks are especially great because the beeswax seals the emollients into the skin so you don’t have to keep reapplying, giving these bars and your skin a very long, healthy life. Its great on hands and feet, or any application where there is dry, cracked or rough skin plus it wont leave a film of grease or oil after use like other products.

Pain Relief Beeswax (Menthol Crystals/Arnica Oil): Our 100% natural special infusion of arnica oil, pure essential oils, menthol crystals and our sweet raw beeswax will make this your new go-to product to soothe and relieve muscle and joint pain

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