Clover honey is found throughout the United States and in many Southern Hemisphere regions. This honey is predominately white and has one of the more mellow flavor taste profiles.

Clover honey has a mild flavor and can vary in color from water-white to extra light amber. It is made from the nectar of sweet clover flowers. 
Not only does clover honey taste great, it also has some health benefits. Clover honey is high in antioxidants – flavanols and phenolic acid, which are anti-inflammatory and are known to benefit the heart and central nervous system. Which in turn helps to protect your heart health. Flavanol content also leads to better blood flow, as well as transportation of oxygen and nutrients throughout your body.
Clover honey is both delicious and healthy. It has antibacterial, antiseptic, and antioxidant properties that can help keep people healthier for extended periods and promote healing.