What is Orange Blossom Honey?

A common question we get from customers is “What is orange blossom honey?” They’ve heard that it has unique notes of citrus, and they’re wondering how that happens. Is it natural? Or have we added something to the honey to give it this distinctive flavor?

The answer is that the flavor is totally natural. Like with all honey varietals, orange blossom honey takes its flavor from the nectar that the bees used to make the honey. The dominant plants in the area around the hive will determine the type of nectar available to the bees.

Bees make orange blossom honey as they are pollinating the citrus groves of North America. The nectar the bees collect from these citrus trees gives orange blossom honey its delicate and sweet flavor. This nectar has a special fragrance that brings the refreshing aroma of a ripe orange grove right into your kitchen.